Day Trip From Fez To Volubilis, Moulay Idriss And Meknes


  • Explore Volubilis.
  • Enjoy holiday in morocco ,Visiting Moulay Idriss and Zarhoun.
  • Enjoy Meknes and its historical places.

18 miles to the North of Meknes, we are going to drive to the area of Berbers and Romans. In other words, we are driving to ” Volubilis”, the ancient Roman city that was found in the third century BC. It is a vast terrain, which occupies 42 hectares. Volubilis, the Roman Empire spot is situated in a rich agricultural land that is why their inhabitants rely on farming for their living. After that, we will be driving to the well- known place of Moulay Idriss.

In the 19th century, Volubilis was defined as the ancient Roman city, which is brilliant with its multicultural aspect. Nowadays, UNESCO protects and preserves Volubilis as a world heritage site. It is such an exciting trip to spend your holidays and discover one of the most influential historical places in Morocco.
Next, we will continue our trip to Moulay Idriss Zarhoun, where you will feel the complete touch of nature through gorgeous views and landscapes of wonderful high mountains. However, a tour within the city of Meknes is great to discover the historical military ancient power long time ago. You will learn about the history of Meknes through this visit, as it the city Moulay Ismail had built.

The name of ” Meknes” comes from ”Meknassa”, a Berber ancient tribe. However, Meknes is an area full of monumental landmarks, which tell a lot about history. You are going to explore different places in Meknes as the underground prison of Qara and Bab elmansour ornament gate. Meanwhile, a tasty meal is prepared for you in elHadim square before you buy unique souvenirs for your friends from Sahrij Swani. Enjoy every aspect of the trip to enjoy your holidays in morocco and make sweet memories.

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